14-Day Devotional Challenge, Day 14

Bless the Lord, Lest I Forget

You have forgotten yourself, therefore, you have forgotten me!

Remember who you are!

“Today, today is about understanding that life is like an intricate tapestry of which no part can remain unrealized if I am to experience its sublime totality. In this I realize that no one life is more or less significant than another; nor is any one of us more or less responsible, for in each of us lies a vital part of the wholeness of who we all are. I must assume the responsibility of actualizing my life by living as a fully functioning person. I must learn to celebrate the God in me, lest I forget to celebrate myself. The time to start is now. I can’t limit my desires to what I think I can have, I must start going after what I want in Him. I give myself permission to dream, risk and set myself free in Him to discover the celebration of life He has come to give me. I must act as if my success in Him is certain and my faith in Him is complete. I will remember who I
because I will remember who HE IS! Now I’m getting out of my way so I can allow the life and love of God take charge. It’s time to celebrate!”
devo 14
Challenge Questions:

. . .forget not all His benefits. . .

Psalms 103:3  

Consider the ways in which you celebrate God. How do you celebrate the life of God in you?

What does your celebration look like? What can you do to improve your celebration?