14-Day Devotional Challenge, Day 12


“. . .wherefore didst thou doubt?”

Matthew 14: 31

“Today, I create a heart and mindset to embrace all of

Christ as He comes to be with me in all the circumstances in which I could possibly find myself. To embrace the fullness of Christ and the power and possibilities to be realized, by me because of who He is. . .for He comes in power and authority. . .empowering me, as He bids me to come out of my comfortable place into the fray of  things. . . into the deep. The deep places where a new spirituality is required and spontaneous love is simple

obedience of doing what He says. . .not what He asks!”

devo 12

What we need is a desire to know the whole will of God,

with a fixed resolution to do it.

(John Wesley)
Challenge Question:

Where is your level of obedience?